Sales – my favorite season

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Sales give a perfect opportunity to take some “fashion challenges” and experiment a little with pieces one wouldn’t normally buy. In best case a perfect match is discovered, in worst – fashion budget is located into a bad investment. However, if gambling is exercised during final reductions, damages shouldn’t be too great and possible gains of new discoveries not overshadowed.

This season I really wanted to be more flexible and think outside my fashion box, but… no matter how much I tried, how I huffed and puffed, I didn’t step too far from my favorite “classic and feminine” category. Now, after bargain hunt is over, my wardrobe  is equipped with some additional pieces – well tailored LBDs, mulberry silk shirts (in cream and black), Chanel style bouclé  jackets (in red and white) and a big, 50ties inspired skirt with flower pattern. Now I can look forward to the new season with confidence that no matter what SS 2013 brings, my classic pieces will never fall out of grace.