Just an ordinary day…

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

  …that turned out to be a little extraordinary.

I woke up in the morning and decided to spend it in a more unusual way. Why not spoil myself a little? Once in a while it is good to have some quality time with oneself.

First destination I decided on was the Nighthawk Diner, popular and crowded restaurant arranged to resemble a typical American diner. In the morning it was much quieter, but still not empty. From the menu I selected pistachio milk shake and pecan pie served with vanilla ice cream. Let me just say mmmmmmmm… The moment my order was placed on the table, I felt like I am just about to enter the sweet heaven. What a decadent way to begin a day!



After this superb treat I took a long stroll through town. Sun was shining and birds were singing, still a little shy, since it was one of their first performances this year. On my way downtown I made a detour and visited several boutiques offering vintage clothes, but this time it all ended up on window shopping.

Having walked for some time, I thought about a cup of latte. The more I thought, the more I felt like it. I decided to visit Koloni Hagen at Frogner, a cleverly hidden restaurant taking pride in selection of organic food and pleasant rustic interior. Cafe latte was perfection and to make it even more enjoyable, I combined it with white chocolate scone. Let me say mmmmmm… for the second time.



I guess that very soon a similar appointment will be penciled into my diary, as there are still so many places to visit and so much spoiling to be done.