Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “The secret of Chanel No.5.” by Tilar J. Mazzeo

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

9780061791031The story of Chanel No.5 is more captivating then some criminals. This famous perfume, like a tragic heroine, is involved in betrayals, conspiracies, secrets and gossips. Heroine whose origins are uncertain, surrounded by the air of mystery. But however difficult the circumstances might have been, she stood with her head high, strong with conviction that her perfection cannot be questioned. That her status of a modern legend will help her to overcome all difficulties that her eccentric creator and her headstrong business partners, involved in the carousel of the XX century history, may try to impose on her.

From 1921, when this unique masterpiece of perfumery was first released, it became more than just another beautiful scent. Through decades Chanel No.5 turned into a modern icon, symbolizing beauty, femininity, luxury and happiness. In the roaring twenties, it was the scent that electrified Paris high society and bohemian circles. Soon it’s fame was so great, that it travelled through the ocean to entrance the United States. Even the Great Depression couldn’t take away it’s charm and allure, as in those hard days people needed it more than ever – in order to believe and never give up, to keep faith that things will get better and that the desperate days of financial depression are just temporary. Chanel No.5 symbolized all that was dear before the crisis began – atmosphere of careless, sensual and fearless joie de vivre. When WW II broke, Chanel No. 5 became one of the most coveted and desired items in occupied Paris as well as all over Europe and in the United States. This perfume helped to find beauty and harmony in the middle of dark war years, to bring back the bright atmosphere of elegance and splendor.

Till this day, Chanel No.5 is regarded as one of the most seductive, luxurious and desired perfumes ever made. It is estimated that worldwide a bottle of Chanel No.5 is sold every 30 seconds. Where does this huge popularity come from and what makes this perfume so unique? “The secret of Chanel No.5” reveals a story behind this great success and definitely this is the story worth discovering.

(Photo source: www.tanum.no)