Week with Chanel. Day 4. “I imposed black (…) for black wipes out everything else around”. Little black dress.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Little black dress, so essential in modern day elegance, was introduced by Chanel in 1926. Gabrielle believed that a woman dressed in black will stand out from the colorful crowd and be perceived as more sophisticated. Minimalistic and simple little black dress was supposed to stay in the background, letting the woman shine and drawing attention to herself, not to her attire.

Soon the Chanel black dress gained recognition and a lot of fashion publicity. In November 1926 Vogue called it the “Ford dress”, comparing the black dress with a standardized Ford car production. Soon more designs followed, offering new cuts and fabrics. What always stayed the same was color – the discreet and classy black.

To this day little black dress is a “must have” in an every fashionable woman wardrobe. It is like canvas that one can transform and individualize with a selection of right accessories, reflecting personal sense of style.

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(Photo source: www.inside.chanel.com & www.metmuseum.org)