Less is More.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

In times when economy is uncertain and financial risks should be minimized, spendthrifts are not what should be wardrobe’s driving force. How about reviewing the shopping policy and introducing a new rule to it? The one that says “less is more”.

I admit my own share of “over-shopping”. On most occasions it happened for all the wrong reasons and resulted in overcrowding my closet with pieces I never wore outside a fitting room. Usually I made unnecessary and impulsive purchases because clothes were on sale and seemed so affordable, that occasion like this couldn’t be missed or when I was in a bad mood and believed a retail therapy to be a magical cure.

I’m not suggesting that all bargains and sales hunts made a bad investment – of course not! Many budget buys stayed with me for years and till this day make essential pieces I wear frequently. The secret is to invest in simple and classic outfits, that are well tailored and made of high quality materials. Classic never gets out of style, no matter what newest trends are. If wanting to follow trends, one can accessorize simple outfit with seasons hottest color scarf, jewelry or more extravagant shoes.

Easy to say, but how to go about it and actually reform a wardrobe once and for all?

First of all, start from the thorough closet clean up. No sentiments – if something is worn out, if you didn’t wear it for more than a year (providing it is not a very unique attire worn on specific occasions), if size doesn’t fit (no clothes too big or too small can be flattering) or if it simply doesn’t reflect who you are – toss (donate to charity?) and move on.

When final selection is done, it helps to divide clothes according to seasons, putting away what won’t be worn for the next few months. This way some space is saved and closet looks even more transparent. Usually, if you see all your clothes, you tend to wear all of them (it is not probable to aim for the flower skirt hidden in a box under the bed…).

With a selection of carefully chosen, high quality essential pieces that define an individual style, it becomes much easier to express oneself and create the signature look. Most fashion icons were admired for their great elegance and unique sense of style, not for a wardrobe full of clothes. Think what defines you and follow your instincts. A moodboard makes a good inspiration, picturing what you love and admire in fashion.


Having decided on an individual look, stay true to it. Maintain the selection of high quality key pieces that can be mixed and matched together, updating it occasionally with accessorizes and replacing items that become worn out. In no time you can discover that by following the rules of a capsule wardrobe and holding on to the essentials the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma will be a thing of the past. After all, which season makes a better beginning for changes than spring?

(Photo source: www.pinterest.com & http://www.elle.co.za)