Face 2 Follow – Miroslava Duma.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

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Miroslava Duma, former editor of Russian Harper’s Bazaar, currently a freelance writer for numerous magazines and a founder of www.buro247.ru; one of the hottest fashion websites with huge growth ambitions. Not to mention her position as internationally recognized fashion icon and one of guest stars in Louis Vuitton Mini advertising campaign. Quite a portfolio for a 28 year old, who is also a wife and a mother.


To me, Miroslava Duma is the best proof that sophisticated classic is highly wearable and can be adapted by young women, even those with petite figure and youthful looks. I mostly admire Miroslava for staying true to her Russian heritage and being inspired by it, setting trends rather than following them. For me she definitely is a Face 2 Follow.

(Photo source: http://www.miroslavaduma.tumblr.com)