The Art of Vintage.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

I love vintage. To me every vintage piece tells a story about the old days. My favorites are about the femininity as seen in the 40ties, 50ties and 60ties… Floral dresses, accentuated waist line, seamed stockings, pretty little purses.

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When I see fashion illustrations like those, I wish I could jump into the time machine and move back in time. But, for as long I need to stay in 2013, I won’t stop to glamour up my daily life, trying to recreate the aura of a classic feminine chic. No better way to do it than with a help of vintage treasures.

Just one key rule to remember, when wearing vintage clothes a “head to toe” look is to be avoided at all times. The key is to mix contemporary and vintage, rather than to go for the total look. Attempts to imitate fashion pictures from decades ago are applicable for theater and cinema, no for everyday situations.

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