Week with Haute Couture. Day 3. Chanel – Creation of Couture Designs.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Haute Couture gowns prices are sky high and the rule of “if you have to check the price it means you can’t afford it” is very applicable in this case. But what makes Couture designs so expensive?

First and foremost the exquisite craftsmanship, as all dresses and decorative elements are hand stitched and hand made. Moreover, every Haute Couture creation is one of a kind, made for measure from the most refined fabrics and fitted individually during session with a designer. Each evening gown requires up to a thousand hours of manual work filled with precise sewing, embroidery, ornamentation… no need to say it would never be trusted to beginning craftsmen, as applied techniques require long experience, knowledge and capable hands.

All this makes each Haute Couture design highly exclusive and utterly luxurious, available to a closed circle of VIPs. After all, wearing Couture designs is a part of a certain lifestyle, marked with spectacular events and memorable occasions and as such can’t be accessible for all…