Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “Unseen Vogue. The Secret History of Fashion Photography.” Edited by Robin Derrick and Robin Muir.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


“Unseen Vogue” is a selection of unpublished photographs commissioned by the British Vogue and stored in the vast Vogue archives. It covers almost a hundred years of a fashion photography, giving an opportunity to follow changes in fashion as well as in fashion photography.  Over decades the rules of fashion photo decorum and appropriateness went through a complete transformation, leaving very little to viewer’s imagination. What was unacceptable, shocking and too revealing in the 1950s became fully exposed and unlimited in 1990s.

Almost every photo presented in the book is accompanied by a short story offering a background note or an anecdote. It is a great source of an “insider” information and a hint of “how it is to work for Vogue”. Apparently it must be pretty amazing, if to believe an opinion expresses by David Bailey who planned to title his (unwritten) biography “When I Die, I Want to Go to Vogue”.

(Photo: www.tanum.no)