When did the elegance become boring?

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


I don’t like to hear or read that wearing classic makes one lack in imagination and individuality. Fashion editors and companies specializing in “fast moving garments” make us think that only the newest, the latest and the trendiest is acceptable, and that not following last seasons tendencies makes a fashion faux pas of a century. When did the elegance become boing? How did it happen?

I have “a thing” for pearls, I admit. A classic one liner or a three-line pearl necklace is one of my favorite signature pieces. However, by wearing them I should be called old-fashioned and ignorant. Am I really? Think Jacqueline Kennedy and her admirable loyalty to pearls… Think Coco Chanel and her immortal cascades of long pearl necklaces… Why out of a sudden an iconic piece became a fashion outcast?

The only answer I can come up with is that pearls are not disposable and not prone to one season fascinations. If you take good care of them, they will last forever – this is true for all pearls, not only the most expensive. And the biggest crime of them all, you may own just one pearl necklace and still combine it with most pieces in your closet, wear it on numerous occasions and never get tired of it. So not XXI-century-wise…Burberry-classic-trench-coat_v_12jul10_pr_240x360

Let’s stop for a moment and reflect on some of the most desired and priced iconic pieces. Hermes scarf, LV monogram handbag, Burberry trench coat, Ray Ban sunglasses… Most popular for their continuous, traditional design that against the odds is still actual and coveted. Could anybody accuse a silk Hermes scarf of being just too plain and not enough fashion forward? Elegant and classy makes an adversary for mass consumption and constant chase for the next big thing. So not revenue friendly…


To stay true to classic means to say no to the thoughtless consumption, focusing on quality and utility. It means to refuse polluting the Earth and ones wardrobe with an excess of things that are not necessary, not useful and so often not practical. Less is more – more sophisticated, more groomed, more refined, more conscious and more ethical. In the colorful ostentation of latest fashion peacocks, a classic and a simple one makes a swan.

The point for the story is that fashion is fun, fashion is changeable, and it is great to follow and to play with it, but this is not the way we all have to do it. There is also a place for the classic crowd, that puts the understated elegance above anything else. We don’t lack in imagination and knowledge about fashion, we just do it in our own, simple way, following the code of a timeless classic.

(Photos: scarf mix www.vogue.com; Burberry coat www.vogue.co.uk; Ray Ban sunglasses www.vogue.it)