“Dior in Russia and Russia in Dior.”

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Young Christian Dior, same as the whole Paris in the 1920ties, was truly fascinated by Russian culture, history and heritage. Dior’s russian fantasy was originated by a Julius Verne novel “Michel Strogoff” and further developed by the artistic movement represented by The Ballets Russes, which took possession of the parisian artistic stage. All this influenced Christian Dior’s fashion esthetics and his designs. Creations called ‘Stravinsky’, ‘Prince Igor’ or ‘Caviar’ illustrate Dior’s his preoccupation with Russia.


In 1959 the House of Christian Dior, as the first foreign fashion house, was allowed to organize a fashion show in Soviet Russia. The show took place in the Red Square, a beating heart of Moscow. A young designer Yves Saint Laurent accompanied by twelve french mannequins carefully selected to present Couture creations, Dior delegation arrived in Moscow accompanied by countless Haute Couture dresses and bottles of Miss Dior perfume. Thousands of Muscovites crowded to see 120 creations presented by the House of Christian Dior. The show was a spectacular success and for a long time became the talk of the town.

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On 9th July 2013, 54 years after the famous Dior fashion show in Moscow, RTW Fall-Winter 2013/14 Christian Dior fashion show was hosted on the Red Square in Moscow. This was a part of bigger celebration, marking the 120th anniversary of GUM Moscow department store.

It is yet another sign that the most influential fashion designers recognize the significance of Russian and Asian markets. With the changing balance in economic power, luxurious goods are being coveted by a new generation of eager buyers with a purchasing power that cannot be underestimated. In line with this new wave, ‘DiorMag’ newsletter issued by the Dior Fashion House, was extended to a new language version – as easy to guess it will  also be published in Russian.


(Photos: http://www.buro247.ru)