Home SPA.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

I love SPAs and SPA treatments. It’s a great way to relax and to do something special for oneself. Such a shame that quite often SPA visit present a significant cost and can be too pricey to fit into a well planned limited budget.

Home SPA 2

But don’t give up just now. If you love SPA, why not create your personal SPA space at home, where you can indulge your favorite aromas and beauty products as often as you like? It doesn’t require any special preparations, just a small consideration and a trip to a beauty department that offers SPA products.

Before you set for a shopping trip, think a little and prepare your SPA shopping list.

  • What you need to take into consideration is your bathroom facilities – bathtub or shower, bathroom spacious or small, number of bathrooms available in the house (if more than one, maybe you can negotiate one for your exclusive use?). Buy only those products that you can use within the facilities that you have.
  • Think a little on what you like best – peelings, aromatic oils, scented baths, massages… What your favorite aromas are? What formulas you like best – light lotions or maybe reach body butters or even oils. Yes, it is true that some treatments may be impossible to execute if you are all on your own (like a full body massage), but nothing should prevent you from giving yourself a partial massage (like legs, arms, feet, …).
  • Set a budget and spend only what you can afford. You won’t relax even in the best bath salt, if a credit card bill haunts you day and night.


Some suggestions of what you may add to your list:

  • bath oils or bath salts
  • shower gels or mousses (think essential oils)
  • body moisturizers – lotions, butters, oils, creams…
  • peelings (with seeds) and scrubs (with salt or sugar)
  • hair oil or hair mask
  • face mask

SPA products don’t need to be expensive. Some lower range brands offer a decent selection at reasonable price. Don’t focus on SPA series only – ordinary products can work just as well as dedicated SPA lines. What matters more is an attitude, some time to relax and a space that makes you feel comfortable.

A nice addition to your SPA space could make:

  • scented candles or aromatic oils with a special burner
  • bathrobe and/or big fluffy towel (think ecru or white), soft slippers
  • herbal infusions or teas (calming or detoxing)
  • speakers and relaxing music (chill out tunes or sounds of nature)

What is a must is free, uninterrupted time. No phone calls, no e-mails, just you and your SPA space.

(Photos: www.styleathome.com)