Face 2 Follow. Ulyana Sergeenko.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Born in Kazakhstan, 33 years old Ulyana Sergeenko is a gifted fashion designer, former model, Haute Couture collector, photographer and super-stylish street star featured on every major fashion blog. Her personal style is very feminine and strongly influenced by russian folklore. Whatever the occasion, Ulyana is always dressed to the nines, attracting attention and publicity. In florals, long skirts and dramatic accessorizes she resembles a pretty russian doll.

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From July 2012 Mrs. Seergenko presents her own Couture line in Paris. In her work she turns to russian history and literature, looking for motives and ideas. The most recent Couture collection was inspired by russian sacral architecture and orthodox monks’ ceremonial robes.

Ulyana is yet another Russian “Red Queen”, focusing the attention of the world of fashion and inspiring with her unique sense of style.

(Photos: www.pinterest.com)