Preppy Friday. What Is Preppy Style?

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Preppy style originates from clothing style typical for private preparatory schools attended by candidates seeking admittance to the elite of American Northeastern universities associated in the Ivy League. Preppy style became recognizable from 1940ties and 1950ties as a way of dressing typical for the upper class.

Preppy Day 1

Preppy look can be characterized as well balanced, neat, classic and quite conservative. Some characteristic elements derive from activities and pastimes associated with upper class lifestyle – sailing, hunting, equestrian sports, tennis, rowing and such.

Preppy Day 1.2

Female preppy style is refined, with key garments such as tailored skirt suits, wrap dresses, shift dresses, silk or cotton blouses as well as refined pearl and gold jewelry (necklaces, bracelets or bangles). Colors are natural, with preference for pastels and patterns such as nautical stripes. Silk scarfs, cashmere shawls and quality handbags complement the outfit. Shoes are usually low heeled – ballerinas, loafers or often riding boots.

Preppy Day 1.3 Preppy Day 1.1

In general, preppy style is discreet, free of ostentation and centered on high quality and perfect fit. Fashion icons such as Grace Kelly or Jacqueline Kennedy successfully included a preppy spirit into their wardrobes, looking elegant, fresh and somewhat refined.