Preppy Sunday. How To Prep Up Your Look.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Preppy style is more applicable than for college graduates only. It works great as an elegant casual wear or formal attire for professions without a strict dress code. Preppy look is understated, elegant and very classy.  It builds confidence and communicates seriousness. Clothes need to be well cut, not too baggy and too complicated in their construction. Since preppy style is based on a natural charm, it is important to match a make up and a hair style, following the “keep it simple” principle, so all elements form a unified and well thought look.

Preppy Day 2.1 Preppy Day 2.2

For bringing some preppy refinement into your personal style, some key rules to follow:

  1. Keep it simple – stick to clean lines and high quality; chose garments with a hint of modesty and good deal of moderation, especially when it comes to décolletage or skirt length.
  2. Groom yourself – stay fresh and clean on all occasions.
  3. Focus on classic pieces for your wardrobe; on preppy essentials such as polo shirts, oxford shirts, cable knit sweaters, chino pants, khaki pants, dark wash plain jeans, skirts, summer dresses in pastel colors, nautical stripes.
  4. Opt for classy and discreet accessorizes.
  5. Stick to natural hairstyle and “no make up” look.

Preppy Day 2 Preppy Day 2.3