Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “Christian Dior. The Biography.” by Marie-France Pochna with an introduction by John Galliano.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Who was Christian Dior before revolutionizing fashion with his famous New Look and making a name for himself as one of the greatest couturiers ever? This extensively researched and well written biography allows the reader to see Dior’s path to couture excellence and towards fame that surprised the designer himself.

Since I wasn’t very familiar with Dior’s story “before the New Look”, I read the book with great interest, discovering many facts from his life, depicted on the background of historical, cultural and social turmoils. Marie-France Pochna painted the detailed picture of pre and post war Paris, describing colossal changes that marked those remarkable decades. Nothing was ever the same – aristocracy, arts, morale, ways of living and of course the fashion.

Readers hoping to learn all about the New Look creation and further development won’t be disappointed, as this subject is covered in detail, including social consequences and general commotion heading towards open hostility originated by the new fashion on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. “Along with the demonstrations, the New Look was a topic of social debate and frequently made the front pages. Even the Wall Street Journal broke with its more sober image to run a survey indicating that the majority of people were in favor of the new line, a result that must have been a relief to self – conscious citizens. Nevertheless, the success of such an aberrant fashion remained a puzzle.”

Christian Dior, an inconspicuous man behind the fashion empire, shy and introvert in social settings, loyal and ever supportive to his lifelong friends, obsessed with perfection and the feminine ideal of beauty in his work. His story is truly captivating and deserves the attention. For this very reason I strongly recommend this book to those who are interested in the history of fashion and its most important figures. The only downside I discovered was the doubtful quality of the book edition that I own. Printed in China, it lacks proper margins and correct print distribution, not to mention numerous typing mistakes. Something tells me that Monsieur Dior would be particularly horrified at the discovery…

(Photo: www.tanum.no)