Dolce & Gabbana Campaign – Take One.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

For a few seasons in a row, Dolce & Gabbana treats its customers and all fashion followers to a series of beautiful pictures making advertising campaigns. Monica Belucci is a great ambassador, reflecting the glamorous and sensual italian spirit represented by Dolce & Gabbana designs.

In Fall-Winter collection I love lace dresses in red and in black, great coats and vintage inspired black leather handbags. Magnificamente!

DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd