Face 2 Follow. Emma Watson.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Emma Watson, an actress and a campaign model, is a fashion chameleon, looking great in elaborate red carpet creations as well as in simple trench coat (no doubt of Burberry label). She attracts the attention of the world of fashion, frequenting on covers and photo editorials of major fashion magazines.


Discovered as a child star in über popular “Harry Potter” movies, Emma Watson managed to win new serious roles (“My week with Marilyn”; “The perks of being wallflowers”; “The Bling Ring”) as well as to distance herself from Hermione Granger character by a bold hair style move – she cut off her long curls to greet the world as a short hair gamine.

Ms. Watson stays true to a refined ladylike red carpet image, not afraid to wear best couture gowns. In her off set time, she adheres to classic and simplicity, avoiding excess and ostentation. Emma Watson appears to be a smart young actress, possessing a god taste and for both movie scripts and fashion choices. Indeed a promising, talented face to follow.

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(Photos: www.pinterest.com)