Under the Influence of Celine.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

There is no other fashion show that influenced me more than the one presented by Celine for Fall-Winter 2004. I remember well marveling on great coats, feminine lines and sexy animal prints, building an overall impression of a ladylike sophistication, that was not boring nor too retro, but exciting and up to date.

I was enchanted, I was moved, I was… desperate! So unhappy was I on discovery that I am nowhere near my new ideal, when going through the contents of my modest closet found no relevance at the comparison with what was reported from Celine catwalk. I wanted to change, be very Celine and less my student/trainee style. There and then I decided that I want to change, to be more refined and conscious when it comes to my wardrobe choices.

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This was the moment when my relationship with fashion really began. Till this day looking at retrospective Celine pictures found on Style.com l still feel that this is so very me. However, this time without the air of drama, as I can pull out sexy pencil skirt, great coat, black tailored trousers, quality dresses in shades of gray and black as well as a my favorite leopard print accessorizes. I would say that Celine taught me well and for that I will be forever grateful.

(Photos: http://www.style.com)