Equestrian Chic.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Living in a cold country where strolling down the icy sidewalk wearing pumps and ladylike dress looks silly rather than chic. Fall and winter months pose a certain challenge when it comes to proper attire – the one that makes you feel well dressed, but at the same time allows to keep warm and feel comfortable.

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My favorite style that helps me to walk through the cold season is equestrian. Black or brown horse ridding shoes mixed with breeches (or other tight fitted pants in natural colors), white/light blue cotton shirt as well as navy blue/brown velvet cardigan adds up to a smart  set. This spiced up with a silk scarf and a leather belts makes an interesting and quite formal mix. In the winter time a wool coat, quilted jacket or a down jacket worn as outerwear completes the outfit.


There are many variations worth exploiting – substituting classic cotton shirt with wool turtleneck, silk pattern shirt or a polo-shirt, silk scarf with cashmere shawl, breeches with fitted jeans or with a silk skirt. The only piece of advice that is worth remembering refers to the total look – if you don’t own a horse and do not participate in real life equestrian activities, avoid the total look, as it may be too literal and quite exaggerated.

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(Photos: www.pinterest.com)