Face 2 Remember. Elizabeth Taylor.

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Elizabeth Taylor – an actress, a beauty, a passionate woman, a star, a lover, a wife, a widow, a mother – an icon.

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In early childhood she became a child star, casted in popular family movies. With time, she became one of the greatest actresses of the Hollywood’s Golden Age. Casted in many movies, her life revolved around her roles, sometimes making a huge impact on her personal life. “A Place in the Sun”, “Elephant Walk”, “Giant”, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, “Suddenly, Last Summer”, “BUtterfield 8”, “Cleopatra”, “The V.I.P.s”, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” are among her most important movies. Despite the fact that many of her later movies received bad reviews, being criticized for trivial plots up to the point of being plain stupid, audiences loved Liz and never had enough of her glittering presence. Among awards which she received during her long movie career the Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, who named Elizabeth Taylor seventh on their list of the “Greatest American Screen Legends”, was one of the most important recognitions. In her final years, she became an active spokesperson for HIV and AIDS programs, using her fame to support charitable initiatives.

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 Telefon Butterfield 8

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Elizabeth Taylor was a complex and conflicted person, living her life with a real passion and courage. Her private life was filled with drama and made an incredibly popular subject for the tabloids and gossip columns, always eager to write about her latest marriage or her next divorce, shopping extravaganza, changes in weight, detoxes, operations, hospitalizations, royal jewelry… The tragic death of her third husband Mike Todd, her infamous affair with Eddie Fisher, followed by even more scandalous romance leading to a turbulent marriage with Richard Burton were on the headlines, never failing to attract attention and sell more magazines.

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