Gossip Girl Here…

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Gossip Girl, recent years TV phenomenon, a hugely successful TV drama about the Upper East Side fabulously rich teenagers attending an elite high school and their less glamorous wannabe counterparts. The plot revolving around an online gossip column is filled with typical soap opera stunts – fatal accident followed by resurrection, betrayals, stolen personalities, crime, pregnancy, break – ups and break – downs…

Is this trivial story what made millions marvel and wait for the new (each slightly more absurd) season to be released? My guess is no. What made all follow was fashion with a capital F. Incredible creations set in marvelous locations at NY, the Hamptons or major european capitals made the movie. A viewer was following characters maturing alongside their closets, with a hint of jealousy maybe, as most can’t afford Bergdorf Goodman shopping sprees.

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(Photos: http://www.pinterest.com)