Face 2 Remember. Dovima.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


If to believe Eileen Ford, the modeling agent, Dovima “looked like she could freeze ice”. It is hard to imagine that this aristocratic beauty was born in Queens NY as Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba being the eldest child of a Polish-American patrolman and his Irish-born wife. Throughout her modeling career, her royal looks and inimitable beauty was a mark of the time that she lived in, untouchable and intimidating as she might have seem.

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According to Voguepedia, Dovima in her role as a “mannequin was a totem of the golden age of the Parisian haute couture, the postwar decade that celebrated luxury, maturity, stasis, froidure”. She became one of the first recognizable fashion models, featured on covers of major fashion magazines (first time on the Vogue cover in 1949), portrayed by the greatest photographers of an era. Her bright, yet short lived career was over in the sixtes, when sophisticated ladylike looks gave way to the youth movement, celebrating strikingly different vision of a perfect woman.

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(Photos: www.theredlist.fr)