Art, Photography and Fashion.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


For December issue of the American Vogue Jessica Chastain transformed into females from famous canvas, posing for Annie Leibovitz in reinterpretations of several paintings.

jessica-chastain-02_163315588726 jessica-chastain-03_163316716853 jessica-chastain-04_16331728617 jessica-chastain-06_163319606842

Among other, Jessica appears as female from Félix Vallotton’s painting Le Retour de la Mer, reenacts Anders Zorn’s portrait of Frances Folsom Cleveland, personifies Gustav Klimt’s frequent subject Ria Munk, becomes Vincent van Gogh’s La Mousmé, and finally poses as René Magritte’s La Robe du Soir.  Beautiful combination of art, photography and fashion.