Oops! Fendi… Angry Birds for Big Girls?

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

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I could hardly think of a bigger fashion faux pas that this one… Bag Bugs introduced by Fendi are supposed to be funny and trendy, but… they seem silly and rather embarrassing, not to say completely useless. Is this an attempt to make grown up women look like school girls with a lavish budget? In times of financial crisis and uncertain economy, spending money on a trivial object like this one can turn one into a true fashion victim…


As for the Peekaboo bag… what is the talk of the fashion today, tomorrow will become a sad recollection of last season’s “it – bag”, so in all honesty and despite the renowned brand as well as the exquisite craftsmanship, is it really worth it?


(Photos: www.fendi.com; www.telegraph.co.uk)