The Return.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Karl Lagerfeld brought back Coco Chanel, with genial Geraldine Chaplin casted as Mademoiselle. I watched “The Return” movie last night and kept on thinking about it all through the day. Partially because of amazing costumes, their refined elegance and unbelievable jewelry, partially because of the plot, showing Chanel at her most vulnerable moments, feeling lonely and rejected, yet still true to her believes.

This short story is built around post war return of Chanel, who once again presents her collection, and for the first time in her career as couturier, doesn’t get the applause. However, the power of her conviction and drive to re-revolutionize fashion, standing against the New Look and male domination in the couture, is as always in her life unstoppable. Chanel, as decades before, is not afraid. She works hard, despite failure and bad publicity. In her own eyes she knows style and knows that her vision is the one. The rest is the history.