Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “Dior by Dior. The Autobiography of Christian Dior” by Christian Dior.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


The very first time when I came across information on books written by Christian Dior was when reading Christian Dior’s biography by Marie France Pochna. I felt so excited! Books by Christian Dior himself! Moreover, books about the history of the House of Dior, the New Look and, most exciting of all, on style and chic as seen by one of my ultimate fashion gurus. As easy to guess, I had to have them! Thanks to V&A Publications the task wasn’t so complicated as it might have seem in the beginning. Some search on the internet and voila!, order was placed.

I started from “Dior by Dior”, wanting to know behind the scene history of this great couturier and his revolutionary creations. I was a little worried that maybe Monsieur’s Dior talents were limited to couture only, but to my great surprise, he had a way with words and was a gifted storyteller.

His autobiography tells a lot about the establishing the House of Dior, giving an insight into fascinating details and allowing one feel the atmosphere of the great Couture house. A reader will know more about creation of a collection, organization of a fashion show, sales, marketing as well as overseas establishments in both New York and London.

Dior’s philosophy was to make women look beautiful and be charming. As easy to guess, dressing at 30 avenue Montaigne wasn’t available to many considering the expense, but as Madame Linzeler, one of Dior’s trusted associates remarked, “The best bargain in the world is a successful dress. It brings happiness to the woman who wears it, and is never too dear for the man who pays for it. The most expensive dress in the world is a dress which is a failure. It infuriates the woman who wears it and it is a burden to the man who pays for it.” 

(Photos: www.tanum.no)