“Bernice Bobs Her Hair”.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


“ ‘I want to be a society vampire, you see’ she announced coolly, and went on to inform him that bobbed hair was the necessary prelude. (…) ‘So I’ve decided’, she continued, her voice rising slightly, ‘that early next week I’m going down to the Sevier Hotel barber-shop, sit in the first chair, and get my hair bobbed.’ She faltered, noticing that the people near her had paused in their conversations and were listening, (…). ‘Od course I am charging admissions, but if you’ll all come down and encourage me I’ll issue passes for the inside sits’. ”

“Bernice Bobs Her Hair”  by F. Scott Fitzgerald

(Photo: www.forties-fifties-sixties-love.tumblr.com)