Week with Grace Kelly. Day 2. Hermés and the legend of Kelly Bag.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Unlike Jane Birkin, who took an active role in designing the Birkin bag for Hermés, Grace Kelly had no contribution into the creation process, but created the Kelly bag legend by simply… carrying it.


For the first time Grace Kelly met “Kelly”, which at that time was known under the name of Sac à dépêches, during the filming of “To Catch a Thief”, when this leather bag with Hermés signature was included by Edith Head into Grace’s official movie wardrobe. Young actress liked the Hermés handbag so much that she continued to use it long after the movie had its premiere.

The Kelly bag became famously associated with Grace Kelly in times of her first pregnancy, when Grace used it to hide her pregnant silhouette from paparazzi and their intrusive camera lenses. As easy to guess, Grace Kelly and her little secret were in every magazine, receiving an enormous press coverage. And so did the leather Hermés handbag.


Since that time, unofficially in the beginning and formally since 1977, the iconic handbag became known as the Kelly bag. Nowadays it is one of the most coveted status symbols.


(Photos: www.pinterest.com)