Femme Fatale by Tom Ford.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Tom Ford made his name famous while designing sexy outfits at Gucci, gaining media attention with scandalous advertising campaigns. Today, after the downfall from Gucci and designing for his own brand, he didn’t loose the edge, staying true to fetish esthetics and erotic connotations incorporated into his collections. Ford’s Femme Fatale is alluring, provocative and… adored by men.

Esther_Heesch_for_Tom_Ford_SS_2014-004 Esther_Heesch_for_Tom_Ford_SS_2014-003 Esther_Heesch_for_Tom_Ford_SS_2014-005 Esther_Heesch_for_Tom_Ford_SS_2014-001

(Photos: www.buro247.ru)