Ballerina Style.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


As a small girl I had a fantasy of becoming a ballerina, wearing my long hair in a bun and dressing up in powder pink tutu. I never went beyond fantasies though, so my fascination with ballerinas never left a dream world. Till today, days after every ballet performance that I see, I can’t stop to marvel at the swan like charm so typical for ballet dancers. All about ballerinas seem to be so elegant, marked with the special kind of a fragile beauty. Is there a chance to bring this etheric charm into the daily life, so at least from time to time one can feel like a prima ballerina without looking silly or out of place? I do believe so, as fashion has a reply to similar questions!


For those who would like to create a ballerina inspired outfit, some easy recommendations to follow:

  • color palette is very important for ballerina style – powder pink, baby blue, ecru, white and black should be considered
  • unless you are a dancer or an enthusiast taking ballet lessons, avoid the total look, as all exaggeration is far from being chic and may create a comical rather than sophisticated combination; chose a related piece and build an outfit around it – multilayered fitted skirt, pretty lace dress with a ribbon belt, pastel cashmere shawl and close-to-body top, shoes with a ribbon… there are many options that can become an inspiration and a centerpiece of ballerina look
  • posture and walk are very important, as even the prettiest outfit will not impress if carried without grace
  • no-make-up look is a perfect choice for ballerina style, as it doesn’t overshadow ones features and allows the natural beauty to shine
  • ballerina look is more becoming for younger and petite females, although elements inspired by it such as woolen shawl or a cashmere turtleneck in a powder pink, same as natural make up combined with ballerina bun are available to most women
  • ballerina style can be very well used as a source of inspiration for a casual “around the house” look, with well fitting tights or leg warmers, quality wool cardigan underlining waste line with a strap, set in a palette of soft, powder colors, being a chic alternative for lounging at home.

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