Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “Are you a Jackie or Marilyn? Timeless Lessons on Love, Power and Style.” by Pamela Keogh.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Normally I am not a fan of chic lit, but this time I made an exception. Firstly because the author is reputable and secondly because the idea presented in a book interested me, not to mention that both Marilyn and Jackie are equally fascinating.

Pamela Keogh plays with a notion that every woman is either Jackie or Marilyn, believing that each one of us can learn important life lessons from both ladies, using this newly acquired “wisdom” in own life and to own benefit. If anything, which woman wouldn’t like to be as adored as Marilyn and as successful as Jackie, only if for a day!

This book is a light reading, the type one could enjoy the most on a plane or having boarded a train. What adds to it are anecdotes and facts related to both leading ladies. After all Pamela Keogh is not a storyteller, but a writer and a journalist, who bases her book on a research rather than a gossip or a cheap sensation.

So if you would like to discover your inner Jackie or Marilyn (or both for that matter…), and have some fun doing so, there is no time better than now. Enjoy!

(Photo: www.tanum.no)