February in Snapshots.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Just when I started believing that Spring is just around the corner, the morning after greeted me with a snow…


… and once again made me happy for the purchase of the year, Timbaland boots, that  have a chic of a lumber jack attire, yet make me marvel on how practical they are!


As usual, there were countless cups of coffee and some sweet delights…

photo 5 image-12image-14 image-11image-13 image-10

… as well as some evening excursions.


This month time run even faster, as February is the shortest month, so there was less time to go through fashion magazines, seeking inspiration for spring wardrobe choices, …

photo 2

… but despite passing time some things are just the same, like the competition between iPhone camera and the Cat on “who is rolling faster” 🙂

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