Wardrobe Essentials – Classic Must Haves.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


A few weeks back a good Friend of mine confined in me with her dilemma of being completely dissatisfied with her wardrobe and planning on reshaping it, but… having no idea where to begin. We agreed to have a breakfast meeting and discuss the serious wardrobe crisis over coffee and croissants.

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I decided to come in prepared, making a small research beforehand and taking into consideration key facts: my Friend does not have an unlimited shopping budget, yet still hopes to buy pieces that will last for long, stay immune to seasonal fashion trends, as well as be versatile enough to be used on variety of formal and informal occasions. Did I mention her desire to look sleek, chic and feminine? Sound like a mission impossible? Not necessarily!

As I pictured my bookshelf, I immediately thought about Nina Garcia. This fashion journalist and critic wrote a series of highly popular as well as well thought through books dedicated to woman who would like to be well dressed without drowning in an ocean of randomly selected pieces creating a mess rather than a well organized wardrobe. Based on her own experience and observations, Nina Garcia identified ten essential elements that every woman should have in her own closet, no matter its size. What a great idea to share and a reliable guide for a Friend planning a complete wardrobe makeover! As easy to guess, this particular list was discussed at length over breakfast in a French bakery.


10 Wardrobe Essentials:

  1. Little Black Dress.
  2. Classic white shirt.
  3. Classic cardigan in a neutral color such as navy blue, gray, camel beige or black.
  4. Trench coat.
  5. Pair of blue jeans.
  6. Jewelry (best one can afford).
  7. Classic wrist watch (best one can afford).
  8. A pair of flats in black, brown, beige or leopard print.
  9. A pair of pumps in black or brown.
  10. Handbag in neutral color such as black, brown or camel beige.

This is the ultimate base. On this foundation one can build own wardrobe, adding more variety in colors and shapes (I lost count on how many LBD I own…) or add more extravagant and personalized pieces (like more elaborate evening wear). What is important to remember is that the quality and the right fit should always be guiding principles whenever making a new purchase.

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(Photos: Banana Republic trench coat www.marieclaire.fr; Omega watch www.omegawatches.com; Louboutin pumps www.christianlouboutin.com; Tiffany & Co. jewelry www.tiffany.com; Tory Burch leopard print flats www.theclassictoryburch.com)