The V.I.P. Lounge. On Long Forgotten Glamour of Air Travels.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


On my way home from Amsterdam I was too tired to read, so I decided to watch a movie instead. My choice fell on “The V.I.P.s” starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. For those who do not know the movie, I will mention that action is set at an international airport, in the departure hall as well as in the VIP lounge. As I was taking in great costumes worn by Elizabeth Taylor and designed by Givenchy as well as the charming old ways of air travels, I took a look around and to my dismay, found none of the glamour around me. Not even a shadow of it. The fellow passenger was happily eating chocolate, leaving chocolate crumbs and paper waste all around, while the other co – passenger was deeply into a loud conversation with a person sitting behind (not to mention the very same passenger parading through the airport with a cow bell on the neck, how very appropriate could that be…). By my iPad, as clearly the movie was not an onboard selection, stood a paper cup with a free tea. I would have chosen the coffee, if it wasn’t bad quality one, and in all honesty – what has happened with complimentary wine and snacks? In any case, the tea was served by not too accommodating flight attendant, which did very little to improve the whole experience.


And all this while Elizabeth Taylor lounged gracefully in her marvelous dressed, being addressed madame and treated with utmost respect. And even though in economy class I was (as Elizabeth clearly wasn’t…), I still felt that the whole experience could have been more enjoyable if only…

… if only people around would made more effort. More effort to behave in away that wouldn’t disturb others, to dress as if they cared a little more and to try to be at least civil if not friendlier. Am I reaching for the moon? Perhaps.

Or perhaps not. It takes very little effort to smile to your fellow passenger, talk to others in a discreet, no disturbing way, be a gentleman and offer a help to a lady struggling with a heavy suitcase, not to mention dedicating some more effort to finding comfortable yet still presentable outfit. Should I even mention morning shower and moderate alcohol intake through the journey…? Of course I am not the type who orders hairdresser appointment before printing a boarding pass, but I definitely am the one who favors pressed white shirt, more formal shoes, cosy shawl and sunglasses (traveling at odd hours proved that this is a useful air-travel accessory after all…). With good moisturizer, interesting book and refreshing eau de toilette, voila! I am ready to go!

Nowadays air travel lost its charm, but why should that be? If excited by the destination, why not be more careful at traveling and arriving in style?