Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Beauty Rituals.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Face care is not a subject that should be taken lightly, although there is no fix recipe – it is very individual, depending on age, preferences, life style, individual skin condition as well as on a budget. There are few simple rules though and if you decide to live by them, it may happen that your skin will look younger and more glowing. It is a process and a long term one, there are no ‘one day cures’, magical elixirs or simple solutions, but for those who are systematic and persistent, results are worth it, so why not give it a try?

To begin with, let’s take a closer look at beauty products. I usually am very careful when selecting skin care products and generally prefer pharmaceutical brands, as I trust them more. Also, if possible, I like to stick to one brand, as quite often products are complimentary and work better together. I am no snob when it comes to boxes and labels, so I do not have to have best of the best, although often am willing to pay more for quality and if I am convinced that the product is really good for me. As my wise Grandmother told me once, “you can always buy another dress, but no riches in the world can buy you a new skin, so spare no expense on face care and select best affordable products”. I think this makes a valid point. However, if you are about to pay a lot for new beauty line you intend to use from now on, do not make a decision based on what you have read or heard – ask for free samples and test it. The sensation when trying a product is quite different if you apply it on the palm of your hand in a shop rather than if you used it in the area that it is meant to be used, the way you are going to use it at home. It may happen that the product that makes your best fried blissfully happy will not work similar magic for you. Why take the risk, better safe than sorry – worse case you end up with beauty products that are not good for you and that might have impose a significant cost to your personal budget.


When to start anti – age care is another individual choice. I am not there yet, though on purpose. Having a complexion troubled from an early age and being under constant care of my dermatologist, I regularly use prescribed potions that as a side effect already offer me an anti wrinkle protection. However, if past 30, it may be a good choice to look into ant aging care and see what’s in it for you. Remember that anti aging care is not face only, do not forget your neck, décolletage and your hands, as they are exposed too all kinds of agents that can damage the skin and make your hands look older than your metrics could suggest. Regular application of rich hand creams as well as developing a habit of wearing protective gloves when doing house chores can work wonders.

There is a subject that is as applicable for the age of 15 as it is at 55. Sun protection. I am quite radical when it comes to sun and I do not sun tan. Under no circumstances. Never. My complexion is quite pale and to expose it to UV would be reckless. I gave it a try in my teenage years, growing up at the seaside resort with lovely beaches it seemed quite natural, but after some less than glamorous experiences, I gave up once and for all. For me it is not worth it, but I do understand all who love to sun tan and who would gladly live on a beach in the summer months. The remedy is simple – sun protectors with gradually reducing factors as your skin accommodates, shade in the time of highest UV radiation, big straw hat and good deal of moderation plus soothing after sun care. Having been in hot climates of Asia or Arab Emirates I can state that it works well.

In terms of smoking, it is always better not to smoke than to smoke. No extra comments needed. It is an individual choice, but if you chose not to or decide to quit, you will certainly make your skin happier.


Last, but not least, proper cleansing when retiring for the night. Never, ever, under no circumstances should one go to sleep with a make up on and skin not prepared for the night regeneration. This is the lesson taught by my Mother, who always preached the importance of the evening cleansing ritual. It stayed with me up till now, since I never go to sleep with my make up on (well, I tried once, but I was so distressed by the misdemeanor that I couldn’t sleep and there was no other way – I got up and removed my make up). Forget all Hollywood stars raising early in the morning in a perfectly made up – it doesn’t happen in the real life.

So, to summarize – find beauty products that you feel happy with and that are well suited for your complexion, consider anti aging care if you feel it is needed in the point of life you are at, be careful with sun and never forget to remove the make up, prepping your skin for the night regeneration. Not so complicated, right?

(Photos: http://www.pinterest.com)