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Color Me Red. Vintage Fashion in Vogue.

karen-radkai-vogue-march-1956 leombruno-bodi-vogue-june-1956 erwin-blumenfeld-vogue-february-1953richard-rutledge-vogue-february-1958 william-bell-vogue-march-1959

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Happy – Go – Lucky Book Review. “The Little Dictionary of Fashion. A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman.” by Christian Dior.


There was a lot about Christian Dior in April, yet I see no reason why we can’t conclude with one more topic related to one of the greatest Couturiers! Dior is always a good idea, especially when one can read about fashion in Master’s own words.

This petite and handy booklet can be seen as a part of fashion studies for all who are drawn to ideas of 1950ties fashion, considering the New Look a testimonial to timeless femininity and sophistication. The Dictionary takes a reader on a journey through fashion from A to Z, starting at “Accent” and closing with “Zest”. Some entries may sound as retro as an “Afternoon Frock” or “Veils”, while others highly applicable like “Elegance”, “Lace” or “The Way you Walk”.

The book is beautifully illustrated, containing good selection of black and white photographs of Christian Dior’s designs. I would definitely recommend Dior’s “The Little Dictionary of Fashion” to all vintage loving readers, who like to dress up, wanting to experience the Zest of the New Look, feeling like a Dior model.

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Madame Chic.

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Vintage Vogue.

henry-clarke-vogue-cover-september-1955 richard-rutledge-vogue-cover-october-1958 karen-radkai-vogue-cover-september-1956 john-rawlings-vogue-cover-may-1950

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Vintage Advertising.

900-wamsutta---designed-by-pat-hartly-1951 1038-vicky-vaughn-junior-1954 2025-carole-king-1958-2 2176-adelaar-1956

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Christian Dior Lingerie.


I always wondered how did women in the 1950ties achieved that amazing wasp waist. The answer is quite simple – through the right lingerie! It is almost hard to believe that in times when the New Look held reign the House of Dior sold lingerie as well as hosiery, but it truly did.


Since even the best dress can be ruined by an ill-fitting underwear, how much must have depended on it with dresses that demanded perfect female silhouette like those constituting the New Look.

45989-christian-dior-lingerie-1966-pierre-couronne-girdle-bra-hprints-com 40496-christian-dior-lingerie-1958-rene-gruau-girdle-bra-hprints-com

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What a Style!


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Picture Perfect.

A handful of incredibly beautiful vintage pictures to show how the real elegance looked like. I would love to move back in time and live in days when hats and gloves were essential attributes without which a fashion conscious woman never left the house.

tumblr_lw3gv8g7VP1qe0mgvo1_500 tumblr_lyzpkuaepr1qe0mgvo1_1280 tumblr_lw0gbjNgGI1qe0mgvo1_1280 tumblr_lw0gbeQqbv1qe0mgvo1_1280 tumblr_lw0fkhCFnw1qe0mgvo1_500

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From the Vogue Archive.

jacques-boucher-vogue-august-1954 jacques-boucher-vogue-august-1954:2 leombruno-bodi-vogue-april-1955

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Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “How to Dress for Success.” by Edith Head with Joe Hyams.


Reading “How to Dress for Success” was a part of my ‘fashion anthropology studies’ rather than a pursue of any particular fashion wisdom. My heart beats faster whenever I hear names such as “a suburban wife” or “a hostess pajama”, while imagination runs wild, taking me to good old 50ties. However, as much retro as some passages may sound, Edith Head knew the art of design and image building with the ability to formulate many sound advices that can’t be undermined till this very day.

First and foremost – the self knowledge, for good and bad, is the first step towards style and elegance. No sweet illusions Ladies! Only by knowing, and yes – accepting, own assets and limitations can one name and incorporate most becoming silhouettes and trends.

Secondly, good planning in reference to to daily needs based on general lifestyle. Working professional and home stayed mom may live next door, but living different lives, would definitely need to support them with different wardrobe options.

Thirdly, it’s not only about who you are an what you do, but also about where you’re going to and what you dream about. An aspiring female executive will select other style from an aspiring wife of an executive.

Last, but not least, the need for somber mind when it comes to shopping and money spending. Going for the best of what one can afford, in tune with all mentioned above.

Does it still sound old fashioned? No, I don’t think so.

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