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Once Upon a Time in Vogue US… June 1934.

26639-vogue-usa-1934-june-1st-georges-lepape-edward-steichen-amelia-earhart-hprints-com vogue_usa_1934_06_01_a vogue_usa_1934_06_01_amelia_earhart vogue_usa_1934_06_01_b vogue_usa_1934_06_01_c vogue_usa_1934_06_01_d vogue_usa_1934_06_01_e vogue_usa_1934_06_01_g

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue US… May 1933.

25341-vogue-usa-1933-may-1st-brides-and-interior-decoration-hoyningen-huene-hprints-com vogue_usa_1933_05_01_1 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_2 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_3 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_4 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_5 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_6

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French Week. Vendredi. Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “Lessons from Madame Chic.” by Jennifer L. Scott.


Paris is an international capital of fashion, chic and elegance. Since nowadays so many aspire to upgrade their life style to more glamorous, there are many chic lit publications focusing on life in Paris, French joie de vivre or secrets of a diet a la Parisienne. If the subject is close to your heart and you wouldn’t mind to read some more, I selected a great book that combines all mentioned topics and in addition, offering great advice on fashion, wardrobe building and Parisian life style.

Although the plot may sound very cliché, as it is a memoir of an American exchange student who moved to Paris and found this experience life changing, it makes an excellent reading. It not only offers a good deal of “know how” from both banks of Seine, but also provokes reflections on the quality of life and the importance of celebrating little pleasures that once can find on most occasions. It is not about budget, social standing or age, it is about an attitude and willingness to make every day count, living beautifully and excitingly.

I liked the book so much that I recommended it to some of my friends and even gave it as a Christmas gift to one of family members, believing that this is the type of lecture that will stay with the reader for longer and with some luck inspire changes, bringing more refinement, elegance and good attitude towards daily life.

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue Paris… April 1954.

42576-vogue-paris-france-1954-april-hprints-com vogue_1954_04_08_1364908282 vogue_1954_04_07_1364908271 vogue_1954_04_06_1364908258 vogue_1954_04_05_1364908247 vogue_1954_04_04_1364908236 vogue_1954_04_03_1364908223 vogue_1954_04_02_1364908306 vogue_1954_04_01_1364908294

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Color me Vogue.

pierre-mourgue-vogue-cover-september-1929 george-wolfe-plank-vogue-cover-may-1926 george-wolfe-plank-vogue-cover-june-1924 george-wolfe-plank-vogue-cover-february-1923

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue Paris… March 1956.

42582-vogue-paris-1956-march-rene-gruau-hprints-com vogue_1956_03_hermes_1364791952 vogue_1956_03_grace_kelly_1364791893 vogue_1956_03_fath_fini_1364791833 vogue_1956_03_3_1364791871 vogue_1956_03_2_1364791856 vogue_1956_03_1_1364791846

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Pretty in Pink.

Pretty in Pink

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Vintage Romance.


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Vintage Glamour.

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