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Fall Couture by Armani Privé.

Looking at Fall Couture by Armani Privé I am almost waiting for Daisy Buchanan to materialize behind my back and ask “Gatsby, what Gatsby?”. The collection brings back the decadent atmosphere of the “roaring twenties”, full of splendor, extravagance and fragile feminine beauty.

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Fall by Mulberry.

In the Scarlet Sea. Dolce & Gabbana.

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Little red dress is a piece that still haven’t found its way into my closet, though for some time I covet it from afar, as I am more and more convinced about it timeless appeal and alluring power. Looking at the sea of scarlet dresses that flooded Dolce & Gabbana catwalk, I am more and more convinced that a shopping trip is near!


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Fall Fashion by Prada.

Polka Dot Fall by Miu Miu.

Miu Miu line was established in 1992 and according to its founder, Miuccia Prada, “it’s about the bad girls I knew at school, the ones I envied”. Whether there is a lot to envy, it is for you to decide.

_ON_0758.450x675 _ON_0769.450x675 _ON_0095.450x675 _ON_0739.450x675 _ON_0424.450x675 _ON_0347.450x675

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Regal Fall by Dolce & Gabbana.

I have to admit that Dolce & Gabbana collections were those that I neglected, thinking that they were too much of everything – too sexy, too flashy, too ostentatious… However, recent seasons proved me so very wrong! I started looking closely and what I saw amazed me. I absolutely adored Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013 RTW collection.

Going through snapshots from fashion show I felt like… I wanted it all, as everything was so amazingly beautiful. Also, I need to admit that I couldn’t stop marvel on models, as they were classically beautiful, with perfect make up and elegant chignons. There was a lot of heavy jewelry, but somehow it worked perfectly well together. The complete image was almost regal, as if fashion royalty came down from its magical Medieval kingdom.

_DOL0088.450x675 _DOL0098.450x675 _DOL0106.450x675 _DOL0118.450x675 _DOL0126.450x675 _DOL0138.450x675 _DOL0154.450x675 _DOL0158.450x675 _DOL0170.450x675 _DOL0234.450x675

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Dolce Gabbana Make Up.

L.V. Paris Stories. Part 2.

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(Photos: www.vogue.ru)

L.V. Paris Stories. Part 1.

Chanel used to say that every woman alive wants Chanel No.5. Considering the iconic scent’s great career and never ending popularity, they might have been right. What is also probably true is that ever woman alive wants Louis Vuitton handbag. No matter shape, color, logo or no logo, L.V. monogram is synonymous with success and luxury, as well as quality and timeless apparel.

For the pre-fall 2013 season, Louis Vuitton featured this playful and chic look-book, set at Hotel de Crillon starring Dree Hemingway.

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(Photos: www.vogue.ru)

Dolce & Gabbana Campaign – Take Two.

DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd DG_LAYOUT_ADV_AI13ok_choice_DONNA_NEW.indd

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