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French Week. Lundi. French Style and Les Classiques de la Parisienne.

French fashion is related to all that is most exquisite and luxurious. French designers such as Coco Chanel or Christian Dior till this day influence our ideas about style and chic, Paris Fashion Week is probably the most important event in the world of fashion, not to mention Paris street style that is highly covered on various fashion sites and blogs all over the world. To dress like a Parisienne is to be elegant, classic and always feminine, no matter profession or age. Some icons of French fashion like Inès de La Fressange, Isabel Marant or Carine Roitfeldt are the best ambassadors of French chic. But what are the real and ultimate essentials of the parisian chic?

7f28b1de0a67d15266f311641590e538First and foremost – classic trench coat. It is no stereotype, I was truly surprised to see so many trench coats all over Paris, some more elaborate than others, but trench coat is a trench coat, and having one definitely brings you closer to the chic Parisienne look.

Ballet flats are another iconic piece, the best from Repetto Paris, reputable shop dressing ballerinas. The come in all colors, but still I would recommend classic black – one versatile pair is a very good beginning!

Going further with the essentials, one that cannot be forgotten – top in classic marine stripes in white and navy blue, the only one that really matters is from Petit Bateau, cult brand offering… children clothing, recently extended with an adult line.

To think about most iconic accessorizes – Hermés scarf, line of pearls and a practiced to perfection no make up look.

Last, but not least, a good deal of confidence and a special nonchalance that makes others think that you do not try too hard! All should look very natural, ostentation free, simply effortless. But who are we kidding here? this effortless look demands more effort than one is ever willing to admit!

(Photo: http://www.pinterest.com/vogueparis)


Get the Look. Blue Jasmine.


There are not so many movies equally inspiring in terms of fashion as the “Blue Jasmine” by Woody Allen. I will not say a word about the plot, not to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. What I would like to mention is wardrobe of leading female character played by Cate Blanchett.


The leading lady, Jasmine French, is a personification of upper class sophistication, with Hermés bag and Chanel jacket. Her style could be described as luxurious classic – understated, feminine and quite conservative. Although Jasmine is less than composed for a bigger part of the movie, her wardrobe speaks for itself and even in moments of worse turmoils, protects the one who wears it, creating an aura of distinction.

As expected from a Park Avenue princess, there is a good deal of great jewelry, most renowned accessorizes and a lot of bespoke brands, and even if at the end of the movie you wouldn’t like switching places with Jasmine, you would certainly like to snatch her wardrobe!

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(Photos: www.dailymail.co.uk & www.vogue.com)

Hermés and the secrets of Faubourg 24.

Week with Grace Kelly. Day 6. Grace Kelly Style.


Grace Kelly was a classic blond beauty, who needed very few additions to her natural glow. As visible on pictures portraying Grace in her private life, she understood and embraced “less is more” and “quality over quantity” principles in building her personal wardrobe. Her style was very elegant, ladylike and classic, with strong focus on perfect fit and timeless accessorizes.

large-13 large-12

To summarize the essential Grace Kelly Style, three key points to remember:

  1. Light Color Palette – Grace Kelly preferred light color palette and above anything else favored pastels, white, beige and camel.
  2. Daring Details – Although her look was very modest and classic, it was never boring since some daring details such as bright red lipstick, shoes in contrasting color or more elaborated scarf complemented an otherwise toned down outfit.
  3. Classic Accessorizes & Signature Pieces – Grace Kelly stayed true to few accessorizes that soon became her essential pieces – big sunglasses, Hermés scarf, not to mention the Hermés Kelly bag. There is no need to mention that they were all of the best quality.

All this would be nothing without perfect grooming, so discreet make up, natural hairstyle and perfect manicure are integral part of the Grace Kelly look and should never be forgotten.


(Photos: www.weheartit.com)

Week with Grace Kelly. Day 2. Hermés and the legend of Kelly Bag.


Unlike Jane Birkin, who took an active role in designing the Birkin bag for Hermés, Grace Kelly had no contribution into the creation process, but created the Kelly bag legend by simply… carrying it.


For the first time Grace Kelly met “Kelly”, which at that time was known under the name of Sac à dépêches, during the filming of “To Catch a Thief”, when this leather bag with Hermés signature was included by Edith Head into Grace’s official movie wardrobe. Young actress liked the Hermés handbag so much that she continued to use it long after the movie had its premiere.

The Kelly bag became famously associated with Grace Kelly in times of her first pregnancy, when Grace used it to hide her pregnant silhouette from paparazzi and their intrusive camera lenses. As easy to guess, Grace Kelly and her little secret were in every magazine, receiving an enormous press coverage. And so did the leather Hermés handbag.


Since that time, unofficially in the beginning and formally since 1977, the iconic handbag became known as the Kelly bag. Nowadays it is one of the most coveted status symbols.


(Photos: www.pinterest.com)

Presents come in Orange Boxes.

Postcards from Munich. Mischief Managed.

Starting a day from a cup of good coffee is one of my special treats when travelling, especially that local Starbucks was just around the corner from the hotel…

IMG_0355 IMG_0254IMG_0297

… lunch, on the other hand, required some more effort, but a thought about a savory Kaiserschmarrn at Rischart would make me walk from Maximilianstrasse up to Marienplatz…


… and since I so enjoy living in hotels, with a little help from Zara Home I decided to bring the comfort of a hotel room into my own bedroom…

IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0243

… (not to mention some more window shopping at Chanel, Cartier and Hermés)

DSCN2883 DSCN2884 DSCN2885 DSCN2886 DSCN2893 DSCN2890 DSCN2891 DSCN2897

… but before saying goodnight, I enjoyed evenings in Munich, like here in Barista at Fünf Höfe.

IMG_0283 IMG_0290

All in all, I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to my next travel!

Postcards from Munich. Window Shopping at Maximilianstraße.

Maximilianstraße is the shopping destination in Munich. Rated as one for the best shopping venues in Europe, it is offering a great selection of luxury brans such as Chanel, Hermés, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany, Dolce & Gabbana… this to name just a few. Since my activities there were, with one enjoyable exception, mainly limited to window shopping, some best shop exhibitions that caught my eye…

… like this lovely and elegant setting presented by Tiffany…

IMG_0217 IMG_0215

… through beautiful windows at Christian Dior boutique…


IMG_0359 IMG_0360

… and happy Christmas geese at Louis Vuitton…

IMG_0248 IMG_0249 IMG_0250

…to close with cat motives and a hint of absurd as seen at Karl Lagerfeld shop.

IMG_0342 IMG_0345

Hermes and the Perfect Silk Knot.

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