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Opening of a New Chapter. Farewell Happy-Go-Lucky, Welcome Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts.


On 18th January 2013 a wonderful adventure has begun – it was the day when I published my very first post on Happy – Go – Lucky blog. I was very excited and a little anxious, unsure whether my ideas and interests will find an audience. Today, after many months of being a blogger, I feel more confident, yet some things have changed since that cold evening in January.

I feel that I have changed, developed and matured when it comes to my ideas about elegance, style and fashion, not to mention how much I have learned! Despite my love for vintage and the 1950 – ties era, my taste evolved. Moreover, my home stayed days are long gone, as I am back to my professional (and working full time) self. I feel that subjects often covered at Happy – Go – Lucky no longer represent who I am today. For this reason I decided to part with Happy – Go – Lucky and welcome my new blog, Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts. It is an exciting journey, a little bit risky perhaps, but I feel confident that by doing so I will stay true to myself. The frequency of postings will change, as days do not seem to have enough hours to continue with daily posts with quality and interesting subjects.

I wanted to thank my readers and followers, who contributed with their comments, giving me wonderful motivation, and encourage all to visit http://www.cashmerewrapandmacadamianuts.wordpress.com Some subjects will continue, some may surprise. For the nearest plans I can promise a coverage from my upcoming trip to Berlin as well as more inspirations, ideas, books, cakes and snapshots from my daily life.

I hope to see you all on http://www.cashmerewrapandmacadamianuts.wordpress.com For those who would like to discover some more of my Insta – moods and moments shared on a daily basis, you can find my Instagram profile at @cashmerewrap_and_macadamianuts

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In the Sea of Love… Bridal Couture.

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My Inspiration.


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Forever Audrey…

This image of Audrey Hepburn is very unusual and as such caught my attention. I love its energy, colors and above anything else, the simple and charing summer atmosphere.


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Once Upon a Time in Vogue US… June 1934.

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My Inspiration.


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Postcards from Milan. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

It is rarely that a building makes such impression, not only for amazing architecture and rich ornamentation but also for its selection of best Italian designer shops as well as welcoming cafes where one can enjoy a great deal of people watching (and in a city like Milan there is a lot to see!).

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue US… May 1933.

25341-vogue-usa-1933-may-1st-brides-and-interior-decoration-hoyningen-huene-hprints-com vogue_usa_1933_05_01_1 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_2 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_3 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_4 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_5 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_6

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My Inspiration.


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French Week. Vendredi. Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “Lessons from Madame Chic.” by Jennifer L. Scott.


Paris is an international capital of fashion, chic and elegance. Since nowadays so many aspire to upgrade their life style to more glamorous, there are many chic lit publications focusing on life in Paris, French joie de vivre or secrets of a diet a la Parisienne. If the subject is close to your heart and you wouldn’t mind to read some more, I selected a great book that combines all mentioned topics and in addition, offering great advice on fashion, wardrobe building and Parisian life style.

Although the plot may sound very cliché, as it is a memoir of an American exchange student who moved to Paris and found this experience life changing, it makes an excellent reading. It not only offers a good deal of “know how” from both banks of Seine, but also provokes reflections on the quality of life and the importance of celebrating little pleasures that once can find on most occasions. It is not about budget, social standing or age, it is about an attitude and willingness to make every day count, living beautifully and excitingly.

I liked the book so much that I recommended it to some of my friends and even gave it as a Christmas gift to one of family members, believing that this is the type of lecture that will stay with the reader for longer and with some luck inspire changes, bringing more refinement, elegance and good attitude towards daily life.

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