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My Inspiration.


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Emprise Collection by LV.

The Secrets of Cartier.

As a highlight of recent Cartier exhibition held in Paris, a documentary movie presenting the history of the House of Cartier, its most renowned customers and remarkable creations. There is the art of watchmaking, royalty as well as the most iconic symbol – the Cartier Panther.

Chanel. Constellation of Leo.

Leo was a zodiac sign of Mademoiselle Chanel and one of the motifs that are associated with the spirit of Chanel. Here, it is a centerpiece at a face of a watch from Mademoiselle Privé watch collection.

Animal World by Chopard.


Animals and motives taken from the world of nature have their regular presence in the world of exclusive jewelry. In the case of Cartier, Panthére is a proud symbol of Cartier brand, originating from the famous brooch. Other jewelers celebrate periodical returns of those wild and beautiful guests, inviting them to join diamond habitats at Boucheron, Dior or Chopard.

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For some winter sparkle, a handful of precious gems from Swiss based Chopard released to celebrate a 150th anniversary. An extraordinary bestiary.


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Winter Tale by Cartier.

The New Zodiac by Boucheron.

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Cartier and the Sparkling Parisian.

Charming Little Bird.


I surely wouldn’t mind to have this charming little bird from the Monsieur Dior collection to sit on my finger and overwinter with me.

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“Breakfast at Gatsby.”

Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” movie brought back the spirit of “roaring twenties” into the main stream fashion, inspiring designers and jewelers with motives from the jazz era.


Tiffany & Co. created a special diamond and pearl collection that could be seen in the movie, being worn by Carey Mulligan starring Daisy Buchanan. It is no coincidence that Tiffany & Co. was selected to supply jewelry to “The Great Gatsby” motion picture, as in Fitzgerald’s time it was “The Jeweler”, immensely popular among the high society elite.


For all who would like to feel like Fitzgerald’s heroine, the good news is that “The Great Gatsby” inspired collection is available at Tiffany stores. The bad news is that one has to be married to Rockefeller, or at least Tom Buchanan, in order to be able to afford it…

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