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LV Summer.

With a summer mood in mind, Louis Vuitton introduced a laid back collection of comfortable summer wardrobe as well as accessorizes.


(Photos: http://www.vogue.ru)


Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton.

On My Birthday Wish List.

on my bday wish list

(Photos: Guerlain Météorites http://www.guerlain.com; “The Allure of Chanel” http://www.tanum.no; LV Never Full http://www.louisvuitton.com; Bose Quiet Comfort http://www.amazon.com)

Louis Vuitton Architecture and Interiors.

My Inspiration.


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Emprise Collection by LV.

Focus on Details. Louis Vuitton Fall 2014.

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(Photos: http://www.vogue.ru)

The Cherry-Red Leather Coppola by Louis Vuitton.

The Cherry-Red Leather Coppola by Louis Vuitton – secretly coveting from afar…


(Photos: www.en.vogue.fr)

Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History.

Louis Vuitton and… Christmas Goose.

This winter Louis Vuitton invited a special guest star to appear in a Christmas campaign. Not a supermodel or a dashing starlet, but a friendly and playful Goose. The whole campaign revolves around the goose theme, being cheerful and funny. Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes the LV Goose!

More on the LV Christmas campaign in soon to be published cover from Munich.