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May on Instagram.

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April in Snapshots.

From this month Spring is in full bloom…


… and thanks to that my wardrobe turned the clock from winter time to spring time (with some additions to my closet like white trousers or washed jeans jacket)…

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… making all “out and about” more pleasant than before (even though my favorite coffee place was sadly closed – here last pictures from my last latte session)…

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… and in the spirit of “practice what you preach” I started to pay more attention to what and how I eat, making my breakfasts one of the most enjoyable times of the day (by now I am practically addicted to strawberries with greek yogurt!).

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Next month Happy-Go-Lucky will become more interactive, or should I say already is… can anyone guess where? 🙂


Easter Journal. Monday.

This year I was determined to make Easter celebration a time of relax with stress level close to zero. There was more than enough classic Hollywood movies, books, coffee, cakes and pleasant strolls in the park. Well… I did spoil myself more than ever! In addition to that, some wonderful gifts were a lovely surprise from the elegant Easter Hare, others were more expected as they were ordered in advance. All in all, after five days of bliss I feel well rested, and this is the best gift I could ever dream off.

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Happy Easter.

Happy Easter

(Photo: http://www.weheartit.com)

Easter Journal. Saturday.

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Easter Journal. Friday.

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Resort Fashion by Ralph Lauren.

Powder pink and ballerinas must have been an inspiration for this classic and simple collection presented by Ralph Lauren during Resort 2014 fashion shows. I like clean lines and feminine dresses. Bravo for the beret worn by the first model, this quite forgotten accessorize can be still very chic.

ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-04_101818831261 ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-07_101820332461 ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-10_101823682111 ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-19_10183042275 ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-20_101831782372 ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-22_101833219363 ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-23_101834661087 ralph-lauren-resort2014-runway-28_101838177638

(Photos: www.vogue.com)

Blue Shirt by Valentino.

Is blue the new white? Looking at blue shirts from Valentino RTW spring 2014 fashion show, one may certainly think so. Personally I like blue shirts a lot and wear them on more informal occasions, when a classic white shirt could be just too official.

LUX_5305.450x675 LUX_5362.450x675 LUX_5395.450x675 LUX_5402.450x675

(Photos: www.style.com)

Trench Coat Poetry by Burberry Prorsum.

There is no better companion to see you through the moody spring than a good trusted trench coat. An instant chic and refinement, even if paired with jeans and flats. I love trench coats and own several – classic beige with amazing black & white lining by Malene by Malene Birger and leopard print by Zara Woman are among my favorites.

For the season to come, Burberry Prorsum proved that this classic garment can be interpreted in many ways, never getting out of style or loosing its “touch” on fashion.

BURBERRY_005_1366.450x675 BURBERRY_011_1366.450x675

BURBERRY_012_1366.450x675 BURBERRY_019_1366.450x675

But why wait till fall? A light trench coat worn over summer dress and accompanied by big sunglasses makes a great option for long summer evenings.

(Photos: http://www.style.com)

Happy Spring!