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Fourrures Max Vintage Advertising.

14978-fourrures-max-fur-clothing-1963-emba-mink-virginia-thoren-fur-coat-hprints-com 43725-fourrures-max-fur-clothing-1954-jewels-cartier-photo-virginia-thoren-hprints-com 17431-fourrures-max-1954-bijoux-cartier-photo-thoren-fur-hprints-com 15812-fourrures-max-fur-clothing-1957-autumn-haze-emba-fur-coat-hprints-com

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Once Upon a Time There Was Chanel.

Classic with a Twist. Paris Street Style.

I like to browse through street style photos, although sometimes they make me think that some take fashion a little too far. Call me conservative, but I still believe in rules of decorum and propriety. That is why out of all fashion capitals, Paris is my favorite, as despite the need for creation and self expression, the code of elegance is still respected and well incorporated into fashionable outfits.

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Face 2 Follow. Sofia Coppola.

Sofia Coppola is first and foremost a successful film director, recognized by the Academy Award for “Lost in Translation”. Her movies are widely discussed and commented, taking up controversial subjects like teenage suicides in “The Virgin Suicides” or being filmed in an innovatory way, just like “Marie Antoinette” starring Kirsten Dunst.

tumblr_mljbmxN1Sy1qggrudo1_250 tumblr_mq52ld9j0u1qzckeno1_1280 tumblr_lxm8t36hKO1qzckeno1_1280 tumblr_lfyia6dOmC1qc1zmco1_250 tumblr_lg4tupQZKI1qd0t49o1_250 tumblr_mirab8MeYh1qfjj5co1_1280 tumblr_mmevcxN5Yd1qzckeno1_1280 tumblr_lgzhemg5Zb1qbjwi3o1_250

However, to many Sofia Coppola is an icon of a modern day minimalist style. She inspires modesty and good taste, standing in opposition to ostentation and excess so often associated with the world of Hollywood. Furthermore, Sofia Coppola is a great friend of Marc Jacobs and became a model in one of his campaigns. She also designed a Louis Vuitton handbag that was named in her honor. Last but not least, her film making skills were put to good use by the House of Dior, for which Sofia Coppola directed a Miss Dior perfume promotional movie, featuring Natalie Portman as a face of the scent.

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Happy-Go-Lucky Book Review. “I love your style. How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style” by Amanda Brooks. Foreword by Diane von Furstenberg.


When it comes to searching for a personal style, Amanda Brooks knows well what she is talking about. This fashion consultant and regular contributor to Vogue has been through many style phases in her life and has very good understanding for each and every style that she defines and describes with multiple examples illustrated with great selection of photos and practical tips.

“I love your style” presents major fashion styles and their codes – classic, bohemian, minimal, high fashion, street and eclectic. For each of them the reader receives a suggested reading list as well as movie list. This makes a nice addition and helps to develop even better understanding as well as a good deal of fashion “know – how”.

The final section is dedicated to shopping. What I liked the most was a chapter chapter covering shopping for vintage garments, but there was a good deal about basics, cheap chic and designer shopping “dos” and “don’ts”.

I can recommend “I Love Your Style” to all who still are on a quest, searching and trying to define what their personal style is, but also to those, who already found the definition of their own style, but would like to learn a little more and gain a better understanding for fashion principles related to other styles. If to believe the author, personal style evolves over a lifetime and maybe one day a sworn minimalist will welcome a brand new day as a converted bohemian.

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Alluring Sophia Loren.

1-sophia-loren-theredlist 2-sophia-loren-theredlist3-sophia-loren-theredlist

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The Art of Vintage.

I love vintage. To me every vintage piece tells a story about the old days. My favorites are about the femininity as seen in the 40ties, 50ties and 60ties… Floral dresses, accentuated waist line, seamed stockings, pretty little purses.

B4790 B5032

B5748 B6582

When I see fashion illustrations like those, I wish I could jump into the time machine and move back in time. But, for as long I need to stay in 2013, I won’t stop to glamour up my daily life, trying to recreate the aura of a classic feminine chic. No better way to do it than with a help of vintage treasures.

Just one key rule to remember, when wearing vintage clothes a “head to toe” look is to be avoided at all times. The key is to mix contemporary and vintage, rather than to go for the total look. Attempts to imitate fashion pictures from decades ago are applicable for theater and cinema, no for everyday situations.

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Less is More.

In times when economy is uncertain and financial risks should be minimized, spendthrifts are not what should be wardrobe’s driving force. How about reviewing the shopping policy and introducing a new rule to it? The one that says “less is more”.

I admit my own share of “over-shopping”. On most occasions it happened for all the wrong reasons and resulted in overcrowding my closet with pieces I never wore outside a fitting room. Usually I made unnecessary and impulsive purchases because clothes were on sale and seemed so affordable, that occasion like this couldn’t be missed or when I was in a bad mood and believed a retail therapy to be a magical cure.

I’m not suggesting that all bargains and sales hunts made a bad investment – of course not! Many budget buys stayed with me for years and till this day make essential pieces I wear frequently. The secret is to invest in simple and classic outfits, that are well tailored and made of high quality materials. Classic never gets out of style, no matter what newest trends are. If wanting to follow trends, one can accessorize simple outfit with seasons hottest color scarf, jewelry or more extravagant shoes.

Easy to say, but how to go about it and actually reform a wardrobe once and for all?

First of all, start from the thorough closet clean up. No sentiments – if something is worn out, if you didn’t wear it for more than a year (providing it is not a very unique attire worn on specific occasions), if size doesn’t fit (no clothes too big or too small can be flattering) or if it simply doesn’t reflect who you are – toss (donate to charity?) and move on.

When final selection is done, it helps to divide clothes according to seasons, putting away what won’t be worn for the next few months. This way some space is saved and closet looks even more transparent. Usually, if you see all your clothes, you tend to wear all of them (it is not probable to aim for the flower skirt hidden in a box under the bed…).

With a selection of carefully chosen, high quality essential pieces that define an individual style, it becomes much easier to express oneself and create the signature look. Most fashion icons were admired for their great elegance and unique sense of style, not for a wardrobe full of clothes. Think what defines you and follow your instincts. A moodboard makes a good inspiration, picturing what you love and admire in fashion.


Having decided on an individual look, stay true to it. Maintain the selection of high quality key pieces that can be mixed and matched together, updating it occasionally with accessorizes and replacing items that become worn out. In no time you can discover that by following the rules of a capsule wardrobe and holding on to the essentials the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma will be a thing of the past. After all, which season makes a better beginning for changes than spring?

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Week with Chanel. Day 7. “Fashion changes, but style endures.” Contemporary collections.

Since 1983 Karl Lagerfeld holds a position of an Artistic Director in the House of Chanel. Lagerfeld took on a task of revitalizing Chanel collections, in order to make them more contemporary and adequate to the modern woman needs. He managed to do it without losing the Chanel spirit and being able to continue the vision of elegance that was originally created by Gabrielle.

Today, when the Week with Chanel comes to an end, a few snapshots from collection presented for Spring Summer 2013 by the House of Chanel.

Spring Summer 2013 Couture

_ARC0118.450x675 _ARC0196.450x675

Spring Summer 2013 Ready to Wear

 CHA_0137.450x675 CHA_0233.450x675

CHA_0416.450x675 CHA_0844.450x675

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