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Postcards from Milan. Architecture.

The city architecture in Milan is very fine, though your head might be spinning from looking high up to appreciate it. Houses have wonderful terraces filled with flowers, many of the roof terraces look like small gardens with real trees. Windows are accompanied by shutters that protect inhabitants from afternoon heat. Last, but not least, lovely patios are hidden behind portico gates, like this one at famous Corso Como 10.



Postcards from Milan. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

It is rarely that a building makes such impression, not only for amazing architecture and rich ornamentation but also for its selection of best Italian designer shops as well as welcoming cafes where one can enjoy a great deal of people watching (and in a city like Milan there is a lot to see!).

P1010761 P1010775 P1010784 P1010786 P1010791 P1010792

Postcards from Milan. The First Look.

photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 2

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Happy Go Lucky on Tour to Milan!


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March in Snapshots.

Together with Spring returning to town…

photo 2-1

… my recent trip to Amsterdam was definitely a highlight of a month…

P1010451P1010449 P1010453P1010433P1010421 P1010469

… but there was more to remember, like the night at the National Norwegian Opera seeing “Onegin” ballet performance…

image-11image-332 image-15 image-17 image-12image-334

(and who can guess which ballet am I going to see next time?)


… as well as beautiful roses that were a lovely surprise at the National Women Day…


… not to mention the rainbow of coffee, which the very sight off usually makes me smile, but when it is served in a cup as smiley as this one, what is there not to enjoy 🙂

photo 4-1photo 111image-26 image-25 image-7

Postcards from Amsterdam. Window Shopping.

When it comes to small shops and vintage fashion, Amsterdam has something new to offer at every street corner. I was amazed by the number of boutiques specializing in vintage – from high end to bazaar type second-hand warehouses. From my search I brought two beautifully embroidered Chinese morning capes in rich silk as well as traditional japanese kimono.

P1010392 P1010391 P1010395 P1010398 P1010396 P1010399 P1010422 P1010423 P1010424 P1010428 P1010382 P1010380 P1010379 P1010490 P1010492

Postcards from Amsterdam. Twilight in the City.

I arrived to Amsterdam in the late afternoon and walking through the streets as twilight started to settle, I couldn’t stop admiring the beauty of this city.


Happy-Go-Lucky Goes to Amsterdam.

No more looking forward to the travel, as today is the day when I am off to Amsterdam! It is not the first time I visit this beautiful city, but for the first time with a camera ready to take some snapshots to report back on Happy-Go-Lucky. Yes, traveling is one of the greatest joys!


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LIFE at the Stewardess School.


To be a stewardess, have a glamorous life filled with exciting travels, mysterious first class passengers and handsome pilots in spotless uniforms… Sounds familiar? Nowadays maybe not so much as back in time, when plane travels were considered to be a paramount of sophistication and an element of a jet set life style. With a note of nostalgia, photo editorial from stewardess school visited by LIFE magazine back in 1958.

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(Photos: www.life.time.com)

Greetings from Munich…

… where I am for the moment. After weeks of studying recent issues of German Vogue and reading through the Elite Traveler, I finally arrived. Before more complete photo report and detailed record of my Munich discoveries and mischief, a short movie by LV. Just enough to bring the atmosphere of Bavaria. Auf viedersehen!