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Vintage Beach Club.

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Color Me Red. Vintage Fashion in Vogue.

karen-radkai-vogue-march-1956 leombruno-bodi-vogue-june-1956 erwin-blumenfeld-vogue-february-1953richard-rutledge-vogue-february-1958 william-bell-vogue-march-1959

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue US… June 1934.

26639-vogue-usa-1934-june-1st-georges-lepape-edward-steichen-amelia-earhart-hprints-com vogue_usa_1934_06_01_a vogue_usa_1934_06_01_amelia_earhart vogue_usa_1934_06_01_b vogue_usa_1934_06_01_c vogue_usa_1934_06_01_d vogue_usa_1934_06_01_e vogue_usa_1934_06_01_g

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue US… May 1933.

25341-vogue-usa-1933-may-1st-brides-and-interior-decoration-hoyningen-huene-hprints-com vogue_usa_1933_05_01_1 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_2 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_3 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_4 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_5 vogue_usa_1933_05_01_6

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Happy – Go – Lucky Book Review. “The Little Dictionary of Fashion. A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman.” by Christian Dior.


There was a lot about Christian Dior in April, yet I see no reason why we can’t conclude with one more topic related to one of the greatest Couturiers! Dior is always a good idea, especially when one can read about fashion in Master’s own words.

This petite and handy booklet can be seen as a part of fashion studies for all who are drawn to ideas of 1950ties fashion, considering the New Look a testimonial to timeless femininity and sophistication. The Dictionary takes a reader on a journey through fashion from A to Z, starting at “Accent” and closing with “Zest”. Some entries may sound as retro as an “Afternoon Frock” or “Veils”, while others highly applicable like “Elegance”, “Lace” or “The Way you Walk”.

The book is beautifully illustrated, containing good selection of black and white photographs of Christian Dior’s designs. I would definitely recommend Dior’s “The Little Dictionary of Fashion” to all vintage loving readers, who like to dress up, wanting to experience the Zest of the New Look, feeling like a Dior model.

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue Paris… April 1954.

42576-vogue-paris-france-1954-april-hprints-com vogue_1954_04_08_1364908282 vogue_1954_04_07_1364908271 vogue_1954_04_06_1364908258 vogue_1954_04_05_1364908247 vogue_1954_04_04_1364908236 vogue_1954_04_03_1364908223 vogue_1954_04_02_1364908306 vogue_1954_04_01_1364908294

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Color me Vogue.

pierre-mourgue-vogue-cover-september-1929 george-wolfe-plank-vogue-cover-may-1926 george-wolfe-plank-vogue-cover-june-1924 george-wolfe-plank-vogue-cover-february-1923

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Once Upon a Time in Vogue Paris… March 1956.

42582-vogue-paris-1956-march-rene-gruau-hprints-com vogue_1956_03_hermes_1364791952 vogue_1956_03_grace_kelly_1364791893 vogue_1956_03_fath_fini_1364791833 vogue_1956_03_3_1364791871 vogue_1956_03_2_1364791856 vogue_1956_03_1_1364791846

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Pretty in Pink.

Pretty in Pink

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Face 2 Follow. Dita Von Teese.

Dita Von Teese www.dita.net Picture by Scott Nathan

Heather Renée Sweet known better as Dita Von Teese – the queen of burlesque, model, successful businesswoman, costume designer, dancer… She can be introduced by many names, but to me she definitely is the ultimate queen of vintage fashion, with a personal style that is unique and charming, having the aura of a retro allure. Her pin up girl inspired style is well rooted in the 1940ties fashion, with show stopping red carpet creations and complimented by beautiful make up.

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In the beginning Heather (later knows as Dita) worked with lingerie, being a saleswoman and later on a buyer, channeling her passion for elaborate underwear in her early career. Formal education in costume design helped her greatly in creating her professional image, once she became a fetish model known under her artistic pseudonym as Dita Von Teese. With time, her career evolved towards exclusive burlesque shows, with a famous Martini glass performance as well as appearing in advertising campaigns for lingerie brands such as Agent Provocateur. Today Dita is famous for her personal style, cooperation with Cointreau, brief marriage to Marilyn Manson as well as her artistic burlesque performances.

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