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Looking for the Summer…


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Ballet Academy.

For those, who would like to see a little more of ballerinas, additional pictures from retrospective photo editorial featuring Anna Selezneva photographed by Patrick Demarchelier in Vaganova Ballet Academy for Vogue Russia.


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Ballerina Style.


As a small girl I had a fantasy of becoming a ballerina, wearing my long hair in a bun and dressing up in powder pink tutu. I never went beyond fantasies though, so my fascination with ballerinas never left a dream world. Till today, days after every ballet performance that I see, I can’t stop to marvel at the swan like charm so typical for ballet dancers. All about ballerinas seem to be so elegant, marked with the special kind of a fragile beauty. Is there a chance to bring this etheric charm into the daily life, so at least from time to time one can feel like a prima ballerina without looking silly or out of place? I do believe so, as fashion has a reply to similar questions!


For those who would like to create a ballerina inspired outfit, some easy recommendations to follow:

  • color palette is very important for ballerina style – powder pink, baby blue, ecru, white and black should be considered
  • unless you are a dancer or an enthusiast taking ballet lessons, avoid the total look, as all exaggeration is far from being chic and may create a comical rather than sophisticated combination; chose a related piece and build an outfit around it – multilayered fitted skirt, pretty lace dress with a ribbon belt, pastel cashmere shawl and close-to-body top, shoes with a ribbon… there are many options that can become an inspiration and a centerpiece of ballerina look
  • posture and walk are very important, as even the prettiest outfit will not impress if carried without grace
  • no-make-up look is a perfect choice for ballerina style, as it doesn’t overshadow ones features and allows the natural beauty to shine
  • ballerina look is more becoming for younger and petite females, although elements inspired by it such as woolen shawl or a cashmere turtleneck in a powder pink, same as natural make up combined with ballerina bun are available to most women
  • ballerina style can be very well used as a source of inspiration for a casual “around the house” look, with well fitting tights or leg warmers, quality wool cardigan underlining waste line with a strap, set in a palette of soft, powder colors, being a chic alternative for lounging at home.

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Winter Glamour.

Fur, leather, Chanel and jeans combined together as a recipe for glamour in the winter season? All is possible at Vogue Russia!

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L.V. Paris Stories. Part 2.

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L.V. Paris Stories. Part 1.

Chanel used to say that every woman alive wants Chanel No.5. Considering the iconic scent’s great career and never ending popularity, they might have been right. What is also probably true is that ever woman alive wants Louis Vuitton handbag. No matter shape, color, logo or no logo, L.V. monogram is synonymous with success and luxury, as well as quality and timeless apparel.

For the pre-fall 2013 season, Louis Vuitton featured this playful and chic look-book, set at Hotel de Crillon starring Dree Hemingway.

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Venus and Mars.

Mars and Venus, so different and so distant, but when it comes to the world of fashion, Mars influences Venus with simple coats, shirts and trousers.

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Summer in Watercolors.

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Dior in Moscow.


… and back in time.

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I would love to witness both Dior events, but if given a choice to see one only, I would chose 1959 fashion show. The clash between two worlds, so different in everything, would have been an amazing experience. Now, all we are left with are pictures and short movies from that moment. To me, these archival images are simply amazing.

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Retro Beach.


Retro inspired swimwear featured by Vogue Russia in 05/2013 magazine issue.

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(Photos: www.vogue.ru)